Clean Lab


The new clean lab at NMSU contains three separate rooms. The first (garb) room is used for putting on necessary protective clothing and weighing and centrifuging samples. In the second (main) room, column chemistry is performed, beakers are cleaned and samples are digested. The third (inner) room is where acids are distilled, resin for column chemistry is cleaned, and microchemistry is peformed. Graduate student Corey Dimond is pictured on the left distilling acids in the inner room.

The clean lab is positively pressured with ultrafiltered air. The inner room maintains the highest positive pressure, and the garb room maintains the lowest. Three fume hoods are installed, two in the main room and one in the inner room. Each hood is equiped with Variac voltage controllers and a sink with an ultrafiltered water source. Graduate student Sean Scott is pictured on the right dissolving samples in the main room.

Students are pictured on the left performing various lab duties in the main room of the clean lab. The microchemistry lab is located to the right and the garb room is located behind the picture. Purifications of Sr, Nd, Pb, U, and Th are currently performed in the NMSU clean lab. Purification of Ra is currently in development.