Frank C. Ramos Past Projects


Columbia River Basalts


Contrasting Sr isotope ratios in plagioclase from different formations of the mid-Miocene Columbia River Basalt Group (2008)

Constraining the Early Isotopic and Trace Element Signature of the Yellowstone Mantle Plume: Evidence from Imnaha Basalts (2007)

Strontium isotope ratio variations in plagioclase phenocrysts from the Imnaha basalt (2006)

Source of the Columbia-Snake-Yellowstone Melting Anomaly (COSYMA): geochemical evidence (2006)

Short Timescales for Crustal Residence, Transport and Contamination of Flood Basalt Magma: Crystal Isotope Stratigraphy of the Columbia River Basalt Group. (2002)


Columbia River flood basalts from a centralized crustal magmatic system (2008)

Sr isotope disequilibrium in Columbia River flood basalts: Evidence for rapid shallow-level open-system processes ( 2005)

Other Abstracts and Publications

Thermochemical evolution of young rhyolites at Yellowstone: Evidence for a cooling but periodically replenished postcaldera magma reservoir (Vazquez et al., 2009)

New Hf Isotope Perspectives on Magma Sources Beneath the Colorado Plateau, Western U.S.A. (Invited) (Reid et al., 2009)

Andesites/Dacites of the Oceanic Narcondam Volcano, Andaman Sea: Modification of Tholeiitic Arc Basalts by Crustal Contamination and Amphibole-Dominated Fractionation (Gillam et al., 2008)

Styles of interaction between mafic magma and continental crust (Wolff et al., 2008)

Determining eruption ages and erosion rates of Quaternary basaltic volcanism from combined U-series disequilibria and cosmogenic exposure ages (Sims et al., 2007)

Closed- to open-system differentiation at Arenal volcano (1968 2003) (Ryder et al., 2006)

Re-evaluating the mantle structure underlying the southwestern US (Ramos et al., 2006)

In situ Sr isotopes measured by LA-MC-ICPMS: Utility for the average Joe (Ramos & Wolff, 2005)

Open-system processes and rhyolites: What isotope systems can we trust, and for what? (Ramos et al., 2005)

Hornblende andesites/dacites in an oceanic arc setting at Narcondam volcano, Andaman Sea, S.E. Asia (Streck et al., 2005)

In Situ Sr Isotope Analysis of Minerals and Groundmass Using Laser Ablation Multi-collector ICPMS: Potentials for Determining Magma Chamber Processes and Residence Times of Phenocrysts (Ramos et al., 2004)

Closed to Open-System Crustal-level Differentiation During Eruption of Andesite: Arenal, Costa Rica, 1968-2003 (Gill et al., 2004)

The Mafic Holocene Sand Mountain-Nash Crater Chain, Oregon Cascade Range: Preliminary Insights Into Enigmatic Crustal Contamination Processes (Ramos & Conrey, 2003)

Sr isotope variations in olivine-hosted melt inclusions from continetal basalts: evaluating primary vs secondary signatures of melt inclusions (Ramos et al., 2003)

Isotopic heterogeneity in volcanic rocks (Wolff et al., 2003)

Constraining Open-System Processes in the Generation of Basaltic Magma Using 87Sr/86Sr of Individual Minerals and Melt Inclusions, Pisgah Crater, Ca (Ramos & Wolff, 2002)

Assimilation Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Wolff & Ramos, 2002)

Insights Into Ore Deposit Genesis Using Copper Isotopes (Maher et al., 2002)

Chemical dynamics of enriched mantle in the southwestern United States: Thorium isotope evidence (Reid & Ramos, 1996)