Students: Dr. Frank C. Ramos

New Mexico State University offers masters of science degrees in Geology, and under the advisement of Dr. Frank Ramos, masters degrees that use radiogenic and stable isotopes to undertake cutting-edge projects addressing timely and relevant topics in volcanology, ore genesis, magma genesis, and developing new or refining isotope dating techniques.  An MS geology with Dr. Ramos prepares you for employment in private industry, employment as a technician or lab manager, or offers a strong foundation in which to obtain a PhD.  At NMSU, we focus on masters degrees that are rock centric with a strong emphasis in geochemistry.  Students undertaking geology research with Dr. Ramos get hands on experience with high tech equipment and sample preparation and purification procedures using a class 1000 cleanroom.  Students also undertake exciting projects that lead to employment opportunities in the future at one of the best masters-only geology programs in the US.