Department of Geological Sciences Hall of Fame

Each year we elect a new alum to be added to our Hall of Fame.

Michael Johnson, Retired from Conoco Phillips B.S. 1972
Elected 2006
Caiti Keegan B.S. 1984
Elected 2007
Glen Brown Senior VP of Exploration at Continental Resources M.S. 1982
Elected 2008
Peggy Johnson Dept. Head, Civil Engineering, Penn State B.S. 1979
Elected 2009
Ray IrwinTHEMAC Resources Group, Albuquerque B.S. 1972
Elected 2010
Shari Kelley New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources B.S. 1979
Elected 2011
Jim Witcher Witcher and Associates B.S. 1977, M.S. 1993
Elected 2012
Keith Rasmussen Retired from Chesapeake Energy M.S. 1982
Elected 2013
Danny Stokes B.S. 1979
Elected 2014
Bob Newcomer M.S. 1984
Elected 2015
Tinka Hyde M.S. 1984
Elected 2016