Brian Hampton Teaching


  I teach the following courses through the Department of Geological Sciences at NMSU:


     (1)  GEOL-111G: Survey of Geology

     (2)  HON-219G:  Earth, Time, & Life (NMSU Honors College course)

     (3)  GEOL-305V:  Fossils & Evolution of Life (NMSU Viewing the Wider World course)

     (4)  GEOL-420:  Stratigraphy & Sedimentology

     (5)  GEOL-495:  Geology Field Camp (co-taught with Dr. Reed Burgette)

     (6)  GEOL-534:  Tectonics of Sedimentary Basins

     (7)  GEOL-578/478:  Petroleum Systems & Stratigraphic Concepts